Rajvi is a freshman at UC Irvine studying cell biology and business administration. Outside of Inara, Rajvi loves watching movies, trying new food with her friends, and humming along to vibey songs. 

"Believe and act as if it were impossible to fail.” - Charles Kettering

Rajvi Umrigar

Executive Director

Michelle is the co-founder of Inara and currently a college freshman majoring in biology. Outside of Inara, she enjoys baking, fangirling over whatever her current obsession is, and listening to food podcasts.

"Every great story has a beginning, middle, and end. Not necessarily in that order” - Tim Burton

Michelle Wallerius

Executive Director

Bebel is a Director of Operations at Inara is a senior at Homestead High School. Outside of school, Bebel enjoys playing competitive tennis, reading mystery books, and playing the piano. She’s extremely excited to get to know all of the new mentors and mentees, and can’t wait to work with all them.

“Before was was was, was was is.” - anonymous

Bebel Yen

Director of Operations

Reva is a freshman at UC Santa Cruz and is studying psychology. In her free time Reva enjoys reading books, watching tv shows, and swimming. She is very thrilled to be able to work with various mentors and mentees at Inara. 

“If no one from the future comes to stop you from doing it, how bad of a decision can it really be?” - anonymous 

Reva Samant

Director of Operations

Allison is a director of Inara and currently a freshman at UC Berkeley studying bioengineering. Outside of school, she loves playing tennis, watching dramas, and chatting and playing cards with her friends at Sul & Beans. As the eldest of 5 children, she is extremely excited to take more brothers and sisters under her wing and continue growing together.

Allison Lee

Director of Outreach

Elizabeth is a junior at Homestead High School. When she isn’t working with Inara, Elizabeth enjoys doodling, playing water polo and swimming, participating in Girl Scouts, and making new playlists. She is excited to be helping mentors and mentees in any way she can. 

“Nothing can be loved or hated unless it is first understood.” - Leonardo Da Vinci

Elizabeth Kunz

Director of Outreach

Past Directors



Sandra Yoo

Director of Operations


Kaushal Raghu

Director of Administration


Elizabeth Wang

Media Manager


Akshat Ahuja